Stop Marketing to Broke People. Seriously. You Are Way Too Brilliant For That.

Learn The Step By Step Formula To To Find, Attract, and Enroll Premium High Paying Clients At This Exclusive 3-Day Live Event September 30 - October 2, 2014

…An Event So Priceless, You Can’t Even Buy Your Way In…You Must Apply

I want to ask you a really blunt question. (You have been warned….)

Are you really good at what you do? (Be honest…own it.) Do you have a business filled with clients who can easily afford your high-end services and who are happy to pay you and refer their friends to you?

If not, what are you doing or not doing that is creating that result? You don’t want to spend all of your valuable energy and money marketing to people who can’t afford to work with you, do you?

I know I don’t and neither do my clients. That is why they come from around the world to study with me and learn my affluent marketing strategies (yes, they are different from what you have learned in other courses…just ask my clients) so that they can have a business that allows them to do what they do BEST, get paid very well for it and have the freedom to live and work the way they CHOOSE.

And today my friend….is your opportunity to learn my one-of-a-kind (my clients’ words, not mine), no BS strategies to have exactly what you really want. All you have to do is ask for it.

You are ready to change the game and build a business that consistently attracts six or seven figures.

You want a lifestyle business that is rewarding and that allows you to do exactly what you do best so that you can live the lifestyle you truly desire – whatever that looks like for you!

But, there is a challenge. Because what you DON’T know is:

  • How to FIND these clients who can pay you and create an automatic marketing engine that gets them coming to YOU!
  • How to create a SERVICE PACKAGE that they are automatically going to say yes to because it solves their biggest problem.
  • How to STRATEGICALLY PRICE your offerings so that they say yes without blinking an eye.
  • How to communicate your MESSAGE in a way that resonates with them and allows you to say it confidently.
  • How to provide VIP SERVICE so that they not only become your raving fans, but also start referring you to all their affluent friends so that you build a HIGH TICKET, REFERRAL-BASED BUSINESS that reduces your marketing costs significantly.

Well, the good news is now you have a solution to your challenge. And if you apply right away, there is a better than good chance you’ll be one of the 75 who are lucky enough attend this one-of-a-kind event.

While I have delivered many events where I teach my Marketing to Millionaires Blueprint Strategy, this event is entirely new. We have new strategies and brand new information to reach these clients. And the best part is…it won’t cost you a dime.


When you qualify to attend, I’ll spend 3 days sharing best strategies that are responsible for me and my clients enrolling millions of dollars of high-ticket clients into programs and services costing $10,000, $25,000, $65,000 and even $100,0000…consistently. (this event is only for people who are truly committed to living life full out and changing the world in the process)

The strategies provided to you at this event are completely different than what you will get at ANY other event (simply because I am known as the industry’s leading expert on Marketing to Millionaires).

This hands on, no-hype event will change the way you do business from now on. And yes, you read it correctly. There is no event fee.

This 3-day event is called “Marketing to Millionaires 2.0 Live” and it is exclusively for serious business owners who are committed to thriving by enrolling high-end clients.

Imagine what it would be like to have a client write you a $10,000 check happily and hand it to you to get started. Or to watch tens of thousands of dollars land in your bank account from your programs and services automatically each month. No matter how big your list is. Or how well known you are…yet.

You’ll learn to UpLevel your mindset when it comes to your ideal client, how to be extremely marketable (this is super important) to the affluent, how to attract and enroll the ideal client, and how to create automated systems to consistently enroll new high end clients and receive consistent referrals to people who are ready to say yes…right now.

Marketing to Millionaires Live 2.0 is the ONLY event where you are going to learn these specific strategies and get an insider’s look into the affluent culture. My event managers for my first two conferences (Bari Baumgartner and Blue Melnick of the amazing Sage Event Management Team) even said to me, “We do hundreds of events every year. You are the only one teaching this. It is completely fresh content and strategies.”

So, if it so “amazing,” why wouldn’t I charge a super-high fee to attend. You might even be thinking that there’s gotta be a catch hidden somewhere. It’s simple. Because this event has unparalleled power to change your life and your business forever … we’re looking ONLY for those who are truly committed to creating a thriving business marketing to affluent clients NOW!


  • If your business more resembles a frustrating and expensive hobby…this is NOT the event for you.
  • If you are “trying” to build your business surfing from one free event and online class to another…this is NOT the event for you.
  • If you are looking for a fluffy Las Vegas style entertainment show, rather than a strategic (and fun) business conference, this is not for you.
  • If you have a habit of surfing from event to event and from coach to coach with no plans of actually implementing anything to get results… this event is NOT for you.
  • If you are not ready and willing to take IMMEDIATE action – and do whatever it takes – to create a thriving business and lifestyle beyond your wildest dreams…this event is NOT for you.

However….if you are ready to change the game and learn the proven strategies that have secured hundreds of high paying clients…repeatedly…year after year….Apply now.>

If you are done screwing around with strategies that aren’t generating the results you desire and you aren’t willing to wait another second to change the game….Apply now.

And if you are someone who is willing to take massive action, who is willing to implement what I teach you to move fast to create massive profits and serve the world in a bigger way… Apply now.

Finally, if you KNOW this is what you need to do…. Don’t wait. (And frankly, that is not what an affluent person would do, they would seize the opportunity. You’ll learn these success habits at the event.)

These tickets are going to go FAST... And since we have already given our VIP clients a priority path to claiming seats at this exclusive event, about half the seats are spoken for. Even before the first application comes in.

Which means … there are only a handful of seats available. And if you wait … you risk the very REAL possibility that by the time you get around to making the bold decision to apply, all seats will be gone….and you will have missed a GIANT opportunity.

This event has been designed specifically to transform your business to become highly attractive to high-end clients. And I promise you, it will not be fluffy or be a 3-day pitch fest

Quick question for you before I close….If you do what a millionaire does, you will get what a millionaire has. So if you invest in yourself the way millionaires invest in themselves, what will you become?


I look forward to reviewing your applications and to meeting 75 committed entrepreneurs with whom I can share the best and newest strategies that have completely changed my life and my business and those of my clients.

Let’s be extraordinary, shall we?